Marilyn Marriottson is a Swedish-Persian artist based in London and Dubai. She is fascinated by all shapes of art. After her education in Telecommunications engineering and Master of advanced studies on visualization and graphics communication in Department of computer science and Information systems at Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) and University Of Geneva, in Switzerland, she might have become an engineer! But her deep attraction for art lead her to express herself through the Carpets, Paintings, jewel and precious stones creation. This is fascination of the rock crystal that has brought her to the fabulous Gem world crystalline structures. Working with CLAIRE ARISTIDES in London and also attending Master courses in London Jewellery School, Holts Jewellery Academy, Central Saint Martins University of Arts London, Diamond Grading courses in Gemological Institute of America (GIA), Textile and Fashion Design in London University of Fashion, and Watch Making courses at Manchester and Neuchatel watch making institutes have given her a deeper insight into the Design World.

Marilyn is also deeply influenced by the elegance of the Persian rug culture. She grew to appreciate its intrinsic role in Iranian art and culture. Persian carpets have always been and remain profoundly entrenched in Iranian culture and the daily lives of its people. Marilyn is dedicated and passionate about the rug industry and she gives the traditional Persian rug a contemporary twist.

She lived in Sweden, Iran, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, United kingdom and the UAE. Living in several countries and absorbing a wealth of influence from various cultures, has been a key source of inspiration for her. Her elegant Carpets, Watch & Jewellery has a root in Persian archetypes, architecture and design motifs. Her collections bring the old and new together to create glamorous and unique pieces utilizing innovative technologies. Marilyn is also expressing herself through painting and visual arts. She is interested in Abstract and Expressionism. Her works are usually in the form of Mixed-Media art and they are the  combination of her knowledge in Photography, Painting and Craft Arts. Her works are  available at the high prestigious art gallery "SAATCHI Gallery"  in London.